A Pie Chart of Your Biggest Regrets

Yesterday, on social media and via email I asked my readers to fill in the following blank:

I Regret That I Didn’t__________________

Here are the results (excluding the Facebook jokes)…


  • Spend enough time with loved ones – 26%
  • Finish school – 21%
  • Invest in x, y, or z – 21%
  • Document something important – 16%
  • Pursue my hobby/business – 11%
  • Visit someplace special – 5%

This is why I’m so passionate about teaching influence.

Because influence can solve all those problems!

Personally, I would have been in that dark blue section of the pie if I didn’t have a mentor who inspired (AKA influenced) me to pursue magic as a career while everyone else was telling me to be “more realistic.”

And if my magic business failed, I no doubt would have regretted not finishing school too!

And without a successful business, I never would have had the good fortune to design a lifestyle that is full of quality time with loved ones.

One person’s influence saved me from years of regret. Your influence can spare someone from regret too.

That’s why I wrote TRUE Influence. So you can help someone follow through on a good decision.

You’ve got a message to share. You’ve got a product or a service that can help people. Don’t let it rot on the shelf. Get a little better at TRUE influence every day so that you’ll be ready when the time comes.

The book comes out in exactly ONE WEEK! Pre-order today to grab your free bonus package.



Okay…I still wish I bought stock in Google.

What’s your biggest regret? Comment below!

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