Embarrassing Photo of Me (and a Raccoon)

First Promo ShotI posted this embarrassing picture of myself on social media…for a VERY specific reason.

Some of the Facebook comments so far have been:

“Love it! Haha”
“The blue haze is what makes it, man!”
“This is incredible”
“Words Cannot express…I need more than a comment thread…”

Needless to say, it belongs on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com (actually, it belongs in a bottomless pit of shame.) So why did I broadcast this atrocity out to the world? And why am I doing it again here?

Because of the power of stories.

People don’t want you to tell them how to live their lives.

Teenagers. Customers. Clients. Prospects. Employees. Bosses.

They don’t want your advice. They don’t want to listen to you.

You tap into the power of stories.

Show me that you’ve been where I am now. Show me that you’ve overcome these challenges that I’m facing. Once I believe you, THEN you can tell me how to do it and I’ll respect you enough to listen.

It’s the “Before and After Effect”. It’s a “Mess to Success” story. It’s the “Then. Now. How.” formula.

Whatever you call it, it works like a champ and influential people have it down pat.

I used to think my weekly coaching clients paid me for my advice.

Not even close.

They’re paying me for my stories. Stories about how I or my clients have struggled with the same thing they are struggling with now and how we overcame it. (They’re paying me for accountability too, but that doesn’t serve my purpose right now.) 🙂

Now, my embarrassing picture probably isn’t EXACTLY where you are now. However, it does show that I’m human (like you), that I’ve made mistakes (like you), and that I haven’t always been successful (like you).

And if the guy in THAT photo can become successful, then there’s hope for you too. I don’t care who you are. 🙂

Fair warning: This will require some vulnerability and some humility to pull off. Deal with it.

The mess ALWAYS comes before the success. Tell people your mess (THEN), live your success (NOW), and you’ll be surprised at how receptive they suddenly become to your advice (HOW).

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