No One Can Be Successful Without…

Diana-Ross-AMAs-3On Sunday, the American Music Awards honored the most successful music acts in the biz, including a lifetime achievement award for Diana Ross.

Did you notice that the acceptance speeches all had a clear pattern? They usually do. It seems like nobody can be successful without…


Every single person thanked someone else for their success. Not one of them did it alone. And no one can do it alone.

Every success story is a support story. (Click HERE to Tweet That)

My new book is no different. Even though I’m leaving the support of Penguin Random House behind and “self-publishing,” I still have an enormous support system behind me.

In fact, the acknowledgement section mentions over 250 people by name. They are directly responsible for any success I’ve had. Like Shawn Mendes said to his fans on Sunday night, “I only look good because of you.”

That’s the key. Lean on each other.

In fact, I’m asking for your help again. I believe in the message of TRUE Influence. I believe that times and technologies have changed and that manipulation tactics no longer work. I believe your biggest impact will come from your integrity. I believe it so strongly that I want to get the message out in a big way.

That’s where you come in.

If you have a podcast, blog, or newsletter (no matter how small!) and want to interview me, I’d love to connect with you. I’ll do everything in my power to make this happen, but obviously there are no guarantees.

To start the process, use this form so I can keep all requests somewhat organized:

In this season of Thanksgiving, remember to acknowledge those who have influenced you. On her big night, even the legendary diva, Diana Ross filled the stage with family and dished out gratitude like candy.

Who will you thank for your next big success? Ask them for help now.

2 thoughts on “No One Can Be Successful Without…

  1. Paschal Baute

    No, Tim.It is not just help. Many have help, but without grit, without RESILIENCE, friends WILL NOT DO IT. R. is never giving up no matter what the setbacks are, no matter what happens, one perseveres.
    I model this with some 40 aspects of resilience, found by another psychologist in my coping with three life traumas: childhood. young adult and midlife.
    Without resilience, no number or quality of friends will help.

  2. Tim David Post author

    Not saying help is the only thing you need, just that all successful people have received help in one form or another.

    I agree with you about the importance of grit and resilience as well.


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