Doing this ONCE will Virtually Eliminate Employee Disengagement

According to a Gallup poll in 2013, 22% of workers “actively disengage” when the boss criticizes them. (Hmm, how can someone disengage…actively?)

But what’s worse than a boss criticizing an employee?

NOT criticizing them!

The poll found that a whopping 40% of workers actively disengage when the boss ignores them completely. That’s almost twice as many!

Does that mean if you don’t have anything nice to say to your employees…you probably should just go ahead and say something mean?

Nah. Not that either.

Because the poll also uncovered what GOOD bosses do.

Do this third thing JUST ONE TIME, and you’ll drop the “active disengagement” rate of your employees to just 1%.

(Nope…it’s not complimenting them either. It takes somewhere between three and seven compliments to offset one insult.)

Instead, the winning strategy is to “recognize just one of the employees strengths and reward them for doing what they’re good at.”

Easy enough, right? Especially because employees who are engaged in their work bring many benefits to the company. Including…

  • They report higher job satisfaction and are strong ambassadors for the company
  • They are more productive. According to research by the Hay Group, “The offices with engaged employees were as much as 43% more productive.”
  • Employee retention goes up. Makes sense. If they’re more satisfied, they’ll stay.
  • Recruitment is easier. It’s obvious to top candidates which offices are more engaged.
  • They are more innovative. They feel they have a stake in the company and work harder and collaborate better when engaged.
  • They make you more profitable. A study by Wyatt Watson found that companies that have highly engaged employees produce 26% higher revenue per employee.


Besides, isn’t acknowledging someone’s good work the right thing to do? Just one more example of how being good at people will make you good at your job.

Why not go recognize someone’s strengths right now? This one’s too important to put off. Post a comment below with that person’s name and their biggest strength. Then GO TELL THEM PERSONALLY!

One thought on “Doing this ONCE will Virtually Eliminate Employee Disengagement

  1. Nathan

    Carolyn Peck. She learns the talent of her people then places them in situations/projects where utilizing those talents produces results.


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