Why I LOVE it when they say NO

People (usually salespeople) hire me when they want to get more people to say yes.

So, one of the first things I help them do is get people to say no.

I don’t understand why most sales coaching and training is centered on “yes sets”, “overcoming objections”, and “removing barriers”.

It’s as though “no” were a dirty word.

I recently added a new “magic” phrase to my sales interview that has revolutionized my entire approach to selling my services.

Here it is:

“If at any point you don’t feel that it’s a fit, then I want you to to be absolutely comfortable saying no. Does that sound fair?”

Oh my goodness! That’s sales heresy! It goes against every salesmanship trick in the book. Why would anyone SAY such a thing?

Because it’s genius.

When it comes to influencing others, one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is…

Generating pressure.

It’s okay to use scarcity and urgency (and you should), but in those cases the pressure is coming from the situation – NOT from you. Pressure is to be pointed to, but NEVER generated.

We’re living in the future. People no longer buy from pushy salespeople. Period.

Great salespeople are no longer applying pressure. Instead, they’re actively removing it.

By “letting” them say no, you’re removing all the pressure and creating a collaborative, trust-filled dynamic that enables people to make effective buying decisions.

But what if that makes more people say ‘no’?


Then you’ll know, early on, who is NOT qualified.

You won’t waste your time (or theirs) by trying to convince them to buy when everyone knows it’s not a fit.

So when you tell them, “It’s okay to say ‘no'”, they’ll believe you. Because it’s not just an effective sales strategy. It’s the truth.

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