Easy 2-Minute Trick to Take Human Connection Back from Technology


I know it sounds a little over-the-top, but I’m going to say it anyway. Human connection is the secret sauce that makes EVERYTHING sweeter. Everything that truly matters, anyway.

At least, that’s what decades of research has shown and that’s what my own experience shows. A life well-lived is a life focused on people. A business well-run is a business focused on people. A team well-coached is a team focused on people. A campaign well-managed is a campaign focused on people. On and on it goes.

The problem is, we often forget that. We get distracted by shiny objects and new technology. By bottom-lines and P&L reports. By hyper-litigation and political correctness. Somewhere along the way, it stopped being about people.

This week, I chose to draw a line in the sand and put my focus back where it belongs. (And I’m going to need my phone’s help…)

The image you see above is the back of a receipt. Nothing fancy. It was a gift my girls picked out for my wife’s birthday. (Happy birthday, honey!) It was just the first piece of paper I could put my hands on.

Then, I hand wrote the words “Human Connection” and snapped a photo with my phone.

That image is now my phone’s lock screen.

Yup, I pulled down the picture of my kids for this. 🙁

EVERY time I look at my phone, which is dozens if not HUNDREDS of times per day, I am reminded about human connection. I ask myself, “Is what you’re about to do going to build human connection or tear it down?”

If my phone isn’t helping me build connection, then it needs to be put away. If my phone is taking me away from the people who are right in front of me, then it needs to be put away.

Simple, right? It took me about two minutes, but now I’m being reminded about an incredibly important message at the exact moment when I need the reminder.

Can you do this?

What are you going to write on your lock screen? COMMENT BELOW!

The Small Distinction Between Communicating and Connecting (This Changes Everything)

human-connections+from+saintnicksThere is a small, but vitally important distinction between communicating and connecting. Get this wrong and your communication will never connect. Your employees will remain unmotivated, your prospects won’t buy, and your relationships will break down. Get this right, however, and an unfair advantage will follow you wherever you go.

This one idea can indeed change everything. Unfortunately, most people get it wrong.

Read any communication book and you’ll likely hear a phrase that sounds good on paper, but can actually significantly damage your chances of influencing anyone. The phrase is,

“It’s not WHAT you say. It’s HOW you say it.”

That sounds great, but it’s misleading. Continue reading

What TOP Salespeople Know About Influence


I’ve been researching a new book and listening to podcasts that feature interviews with top salespeople.

Even if you’re not in sales, I want to share with you the recurring theme that I keep hearing from the absolute best of the best. There’s definitely a common thread that runs through all of these interviews. It’s a simple idea that you’ll be able to apply to any human connection opportunities that show up during the week. After all, if all of the best influencers are using it, there must be something to it.

  • Good salespeople psych themselves up to deliver a great pitch – GREAT SALESPEOPLE DON’T
  • Good salespeople wish, hope, and pray for more sales – GREAT SALESPEOPLE DON’T
  • Good salespeople work hard to improve their sagging sales numbers – GREAT SALESPEOPLE DON’T

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The Best Word to Use While Negotiating Anything


Occasionally, the skill of human connection involves negotiation.

For example…

I have a nine year old daughter and a six year old daughter…

There is a lot of negotiation that goes on in my house. And we haven’t even entered the teenage years yet. (But let me tell you, nine is the new thirteen!)

There is also a surprising amount of negotiation that happens in our daily interactions with adults. Whether it’s a vendor, a supplier, a boss, a car salesperson, or a spouse, a little negotiation skill goes a LONG way.

Personally, this one little word saves me thousands of dollars each year (sometimes more), AND makes people feel better about doing business with me. It might be a free fountain drink at Subway, or it might be a few thousand dollars off of a new car. Either way, the word is the same.

Once, before I knew about it, a real estate agent used it against me. I suggested an offer, she said the word and immediately I raised my offer $30,000. THIRTY GRAND in about five seconds of work! She made a whole lot more in commission just by saying one stupid word. (Nah, I’m not bitter at all…)

So what’s the word? Continue reading